The Terraces


A 66-unit condo development serving seniors.  Under our leadership these condos were developed, built, and sold. These homes continue to be one of the most desirable senior communities in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Villa d' Este


Sitting high above Fountain Hills, these 32 luxury senior condo homes achieved their prominence under our general contracting expertise.

HUD 203 (K) Houses


Numerous homes throughout the "Valley of the Sun" were purchased, refurbished, re-sold, and thus successfully put back in service. The Life Rebuilders Group also was approved for these activities by HUD for Texas. 

Amberwood Apartments


Serving as the rehab GP, The Life Rebuilders Group helped rehab these 123 apartments that continue to provide quality affordable "homes" for its low-income senior residents.

Creekside Terrace Apartments


The Life Rebuilders Group's first family HTC development under TX TDHCA non-profit set-aside was very successful. Serving as the sponsor, developer, and co-GP for the Partnership,these family units leased up quickly under Life Rebuilders Management’s guidance and continue to serve low-moderate income families today. Our management expertise assisted in implementing management upgrades. Life Rebuilders sold its interest in 2013. 

Terrell Senior Terraces, Phase I


The Life Rebuilders Group's senior development that we developed and built under the 9 percent HTC program in Terrell, Texas as part of a 128-acre PUD that was acquired and developed by us. These 72 low-density, single-story apartment homes leased up rapidly under Life Rebuilders Management supervision, producing a waiting list of over 200 seniors, which triggered the development of the 180-unit Phase II described below. To learn more about Terrell Senior Terraces, currently being managed by Life Rebuilders Management, please click here.

Pioneer Terraces Phases I & II


The Life Rebuilders Group developed 40 lots for workforce housing in Terrell, Texas, utilizing CDBG and HOME funds. Land entitlements were obtained on adjacent land by The Life Rebuilders Group, Pioneer Terraces Phase II, that we owned for an additional 467 lots and then sold to a land banker who developed lots for home builders, while we focused our activities on developing the 180-unit Terrell Senior Terraces Phase II, which we developed and built next to our very successful Terrell Senior Terraces Phase I and as part of the overall 128-acre PUD initiated by us.

Superior Highlands


The Life Rebuilders Group responded to a specific request from the Arizona Department of Housing to help Superior, Ariz, solve their workforce housing needs. In cooperation with USDA RD and others, a 112-lot subdivision was successfully developed, which provided the first new houses built in Superior in 40 years. The Life Rebuilders Group built 63 of these homes.

Grace Townhomes


Under the Texas Private Activity Bond and  4% HTC programs, The Life Rebuilders Group successfully developed, built, and Life Rebuilders Management leased up this 112-unit family community in Ennis, Texas for the Partnership.

Terrell Senior Terraces Phase II


 Responding to an overwhelming demand for additional senior apartment homes in Terrell, Texas, The Life Rebuilders Group developed, built, and Life Rebuilders Management leased up an additional 180-units that sit adjacent to its 72-unit Phase I. These 252 apartment homes, Terrell Senior Terraces, now enjoy the reputation as "the nicest senior living built to date for North Texas’ most experienced generation.”  They also have a waiting list on all apartments on both 252 apartments up to 5 years out depending on the apartment. To learn more about Terrell Senior Terraces, currently being managed by Life Rebuilders Management, 

please click here.

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